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If you’re looking for a great, knowledgeable realtor in Kona, Harry Pritikin from Koa Realty is the way to go! My husband and I had such a positive experience with Harry when buying our first condo. Harry knows the Kona area like the back of his hand and was available whenever we needed to talk or to see a property. His expertise really shined during our escrow as he defended us during a RESPA discrepancy with our lender. He explained every step of the way with us and we were always in constant communication. We love our new home and recommend Harry to anyone looking on the Big Island! –Katie G.

I subscribed to Harry’s Update Newsletters years ago and followed the Kona market with plans to buy a vacation rental home or condo. Harry’s Update newsletters were extremely helpful, along with his blog posts and FAQ pages such as “Condominium Ownership on the Big Island.” Harry knows EVERYTHING about every condo complex in the area. He could tell me exactly the good points and bad points about each and every unit on the market. Also he knew which properties have had work done on them recently or needed work. He answered every question and if I asked for rental history or financials, he’d contact the seller’s agent to get them.  More than once when talking with an insurance agent, they’d tell me, “you’re in good hands with Harry, he’s the best!” He made the whole process easy – from making an offer to closing on the condo. I highly recommend Harry to anyone interested in buying property on the Big Island.  –Mark Dahmke

Lee & Karen Paterson, bought 10 acres with two homes, converting to coffee plantation:

Jeannette & Barun Gurung, (from Laos) bought home in Leilani Sunset for rental

Dave & Susan Distel, purchased their retirement home in Kilohana Subdivision in 2002 and moved to Kona in

Brad & Linda Thompson (from Canada) purchased vacation rental condo for investment:

Casey & Joan McCarty (formerly from the Dark Side (Seattle:-)) purchased leasehold mac-nut farm and created vacation rental called Camp Aloha:

Leslie and Andrew Woods: , Purchased rental home in Komohana, Kona Bali Kai and Coffee Villas condominiums and their personal residence on Painted Church Road. “My wife and I have used Harry’s services on multiple transactions from a studio condo to large houses and even a Bed and Breakfast. Each time, we have found him to be professional, courteous and timely. He has become a friend as well as our agent on the Island. His daily updates are extremely useful tools for anyone interested in Hawaii property. We would highly recommend Harry to everybody looking to buy or sell on the Big Island. Andrew Woods…….”

Michael Tucker & Rick Evangelista If you want a keeper real estate agent, don’t hesitate to contact Harry Pritikin at his website by signing up for his UPdate Newsletter. The UPdate puts you into the pulse of the local market (all over the Big Island) for land, condos, residences, businesses. When you feel comfortable, email him or call him. He’ll work with you OVER THE LONG HAUL. He won’t start out hot and then forget you — he’ll keep sending you the UPdate as long as you want and he’ll help you as long as you need it until you reach your goal. Then after, he remains your associate because he values his reputation and he values the fact that he does right by each and every person he comes into contact with. If you’re like us, you’ll know him for 5 or 6 years and still be smiling! He has endured over the LONG HAUL. He is consistent. He is not on a high horse and he genuinely tries to help anyone who comes into his presence whether he thinks they are going to buy from him or not. In fact I’ve known him to tell clients not to buy even though that means he gets no fees. That’s the kind of guy you need on your side!

Diane Holck: “Harry Pritikin is a realtor with integrity. Not only did his Real Estate Update help me to be a well-educated property shopper, but his consistent personal service gave me the confidence to make my home purchase, knowing that I had all of the inside information to make an excellent choice. I highly recommend Harry to anyone who is looking for property on any part of Hawaii Island. Diane Sherwood Holck Captain Cook, Hi.